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A video group of four short films was proposed to the lampa studio's program for The Wrong digital art biennale by "Pushkinskaya-10" art center. Works by Krzysztof Skarbek, Michal Sikorski, Marta Borgosh and Marlena Promna were selected by curators of the Museum of Nonconformist Art and took part in the collective exhibition of artists of the Wroclaw Academy of Art and Design "Painting off Painting" in 2015. Besides the Polish masters, the project involves one of the key artists of the "Pushkinskaya-10" Sergey Kovalsky, representing his painting series "Color of music" in video format.


Short video translation takes place in the exhibition of photographs by Dmitry Shubin from the series "People and Streets".



SERGEY KOVALSKY ( born 1948) — St. Petersburg nonconformist artist. In the 1970s, he organized and participated in the Leningrad apartment exhibitions of unofficial art. In 1969 began to develop the trend of Metaelementalism in visual art as the transformation of sound into color in the technology of contra-collage. From the early 1980s began to develop the second trend in his art: social folk-art. In 1989 created the Parallelosphere conception, the self-reproducing and self-developing kinetic object of contemporaneity. In 1981 Kovalsky was one of the founders of the Association of Experimental Fine Arts, in 1883 — of the creative team of artists "The Fifth Quarter", and in 1991 — of the professional creative union "Free Culture". In 1997, together with Evgeny Orlov found Museum of Nonconformist Art in St. Petersburg on Pushkinskaya Street, 10. Participated in more than 150 exhibitions in Russia, Europe and America.


In the video "Color of music" Sergey Kovalski shows the visual part of the human senses that help to perceive music. This iconic series in the artist's imagination preceded the creation of six paintings from the group "Temple of Music". Pictures were born in 1986–1998 and each one were dedicated to the concrete musical composition of improvisational, church and new academic genres. This very painting was used in the film, created in 2010 with the technical assistance of Dmitry Shubin.

MARLENA PROMNA graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. Since 2010 assistant in the drawing studio of professor Piotr Kielan at the faculty of Painting and Sculpture. Pursues painting, painting in architecture, drawing and graphics. Participant in many artistic projects and group exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Her works revolve around the landscape. Selected elements from the nature undergo a detailed analysis in her works. She uses painterly simplifications and adjusts the formal means to emphasize the essence of creation.


The artist's explication: "The film 'Gardens' is a multimedia presentation of the completed paintings and sketches as part of my doctoral dissertation. Animation has to be complementary and artistic study summary, which established the closure of a coherent ideological whole, the elements present so far in my work independently and in a way separately. "Garden" is for me a widely understood problem and multi-layer motive by which I want to make organic join its individual elements and layers, trying to create a new autonomous painterly quality. The idea of consolidation will take place both at the level of content and form. Animation Gardens has to be a collage of these experiences".

KRZYSZTOF SKARBEK (born 1958) studied painting in the studio of Professor Zbigniew Karpinski in the State School of Art in Wroclaw (currently the E. Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw). Received his diploma in 1985. Holds a Professor title and runs a painting studio for both full-time and post-graduate students. He is interested in easel and mural painting , video art, installations and artistic performances. After completing his university degree he has participated in 328 group exhibitions and art festivals. He has held 56 national and international solo exhibitions and made 34 art films. He also organized 42 performances and events that combine fine arts and sound together, often in collaboration with his artistic groups such as "The Oder Pearls Eaters" and "Plastic Surgeries Studio". Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture between 2008 and 2012.


The artist's explication: "Creating the film 'Our Beton Aront' I wanted to activate archetype rituals of unreal village placed in the concrete jungle. My goal was to picture with positive irony constant antinomies, such as: love and death, friendship and fight. This film is a fairytale of basic wisdom – understandable for people from different cultures. It roots well-known human needs; but it is also a puzzle you can solve by yourself".
The film was awarded on International New Media Festival WRO’89 in Wroclaw.

MICHAL SIKORSKI was born in 1972 in Czestochowa. Studied in the studio of Professor Stanislaw Kortyka in the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture at the E. Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw. Completed his university degree in 1998. Earned a PhD degree in painting in 2012. The title of his doctoral thesis: "Gesture. Symbol. Free of Conventions Sphere". Assistant Professor in the studio of Professor Stanislaw Kortyka at the Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw. His interests lie in painting, film, music, live-act performances. He has participated in 24 solo and over 60 group exhibitions. Organized 26 multimedia live-act performances.


MARTA BORGOSZ was born in 1975 in Wroclaw. Graduated from the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw, from the Faculty of Interior Architecture and Design with a diploma in Industrial Design under Professor Mieczyslaw Pirog. Diploma annex in Painting under Professor Marek Jakubek. Assistant Professor in a painting and drawing studio in the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture at her alma mater. Since 2012 runs a Department of Painting. Her interests lie in figurative painting saturated in anecdote, symbolism and autobiographical motifs. Since 2000 has had dozens of individual and group exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Winner of several art awards in Poland.


The video work "Dolphin" is based on the rhythm. The pulsation of the picture is the axis of work. Narration is clear, read by the author of the text: Marta Borgosz. Music and picture combine creating sensual film which is stimulating spectators imagination. It is a story of constant need of breaking free, of weakness, of dealing with own oversensitivity.

This project is a part of The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale. You can find all the information about the biennale in THE WRONG section.

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