(No) Preconceptions!


In the context of St. Petersburg Museum Night on 16th May 2015 the DiDi Art Gallery opened a new experimental stage called lampa studio. The first exhibition of the new space was the project by Serj Kirchano called "(No) Preconceptions!"

Serj Kirchano's works capture spectator's attention from the first sight. To get into astonishing world of artist's drawings it is important to examine them with eyes wide open. Every centimeter of his paintings is filled with life, every detail is mowing in the whirlwind of stars or crystals.

The big series of artist's works is called "(No) Preconceptions!". The audience is perplexed by alien creatures in the city landscapes. One of them is gathering the stars from the sky. Another one tries to swallow city-dwellers and to shout one's head off. Strange lads paint sky standing on the roof. Has the world gone mad?


"No Preconceptions!" — is the artist's answer. Discard all your ideas about reality. Just imagine an unidentified flying object touched down close to St. Isaac's Cathedral or painted rainbow highlighted the sky.

The drawings from the new series "The Outskirts" are also inserted in the exhibition. There are the stories about events of outlying districts of Serj Kirchano's world. The pictures are carried out at the same format and technics – markers on etching paper.


Serj Kirchano is the young St.Petersburg artist. He studied history of art and architecture in St. Petersburg State University, programs of St. Petersburg Institute of Linguistics, Cognition and Culture (NYI). 
Inspired by primitive art, John Constable, Francis Bacon, Ivan Lylov. 


His sphere of interests includes the photo art, design, painting, sculpture, architecture, comics, literature and theatrics. 

In addition to his direct creative activities Serge organizes workshops, seminars, lectures, and also acts as curator of exhibitions. 

Serj Kirchano is going to make a World Wide Expo Tour 2015–2016 to show his works in different cities of the world and to collaborate with foreign artists.


• 2011 METAMORPHOSIS. Photography. Novosibirsk, showroom OGOROD 
• 2014 Make Sense. Graphic art. St. Petersburg, Miroedova School space 
• 2015 SERJ KIRCHANO. Paris, La Galerie Balades Sonores 
• 2015 (No) Preconceptions! St. Petersburg, lampa studio

lampa studio is a new experimental space for young artists, curators and musicians. The studio is initiated by the DiDi Art Gallery. In contrast to the main space of DiDi gallery which is specialized in unofficial soviet art, lampa studio is aimed at developing the fields of contemporary art including the digital one.

The studio is located in the building of "Pushkinskaya-10" art-center and divided into two zones: art-gallery and musical office. The first space is the place for thematic exhibitions of young artists, the second one is used for consultation about musical events and interesting St. Petersburg ranging, for sound recording and musical interactivity.

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Art-Center «Pushkinskaya-10»

Ligovsky pr., 53

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