What You See Is What You Get


As an artist Lylov Ivan (1986) mainly concentrates on a subject of human and nature at the age of "data smog". Trying to define the patterns of act and behaviour similar to both of them artist looks for an answer to the question of needs and necessities evolution in modern times.


As a response, absorbing the experience from linguistic primary school, music school with church choir and fashion degree later he aims on creating the tactile visual language. This last is used for careful observation, gathering the palette of color, shapes, forms, texture and surfaces unique to current moment in current place and then to share the soulful story about the value of floating moments.


Finally it is mixed with and subtracted by the pieces of collages to celebrate accidental absurdity and playing with possibilities as a child. 


• 2010 December WALLPAPER PIRATISM. St. Petersburg, Atelier 
• 2011 April OLDIES. St. Petersburg, Hundertwasser 
• May FACES. St. Petersburg, Hundertwasser 
• July FACES. St. Petersburg, Strika Bar 
• September ON THE WALL. St. Petersburg, Hundertwasser 
• September FACES. Siberian Concept, Novosibirsk 
• October BETTERS. St. Petersburg, Hundertwasser 
• Novembr BETTERS. St. Petersburg, Nevsky 8 
• December WARM WAYS. St. Petersburg, Palkin + DS Gallery 
• 2013 March FEEL 8. St. Petersburg, Du Bout Du Monde + DS 
• June FEEL THE 8. St. Petersburg, DS Gallery 
• 2014 September Emotion as a cultural value. Moscow, Iss Mag and We Art Gallery 
• 2015 July What You See Is What You Get. St. Petersburg, lampa studio


• 2013 August We Art Weekend, Moscow, We Art Gallery 
• August Potato Faces. St. Petersburg, Erarta Museum + Sophia Miroedova Illustration School


“I use drawing and image manipulation for visualising the reseach of the ways how the nature of experiental learning is changing at the age of "data smog". Degree in fashion design led to an interest to perceptual visuals and its power of involving the full range of senses. Working between traditional and modern drawing techniques, crafts and digital tools gives a truly physical form to knowledge. Such a vast set of tools and techniques aims creating a proper mechanism for thinking through making”.

Materials and tools: 
Mark-making with pencils and brushes and paint on old paper.

Ways of perceipting ("seeing" to be exact).

Idea development: 
The previous project was an exploration of tactile emotion as primary. Thus main focus was on textures and surfaces designed in collage to form a sort of repurposed fashion imaganery. Later the technique moved towards drawing due to its archaic expressiveness.

Compositions developed towards forming the new space. The material for this has been taken from a number of spaces artist has been to for the period of few months. Together with figures teared out from photos found in family albums, this interiors and landscapes form new spaces for no reason but playing for its own sake. 

Claudia Carr, Ceri Amphlett, Quentin Jones, JMW Turner 

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