NOIZE is the new exhibition by Anastasia Kuznetsova.


Anastasia works as an abstract painter. Her creative method is more analytical than instinctive. Anastasia divides forms into separate color molecules or grains. It makes the surfaces of paintings vibrate. The artist tries to get away from clear confines and sharp conversions.


These canvases look like the images we see during strongly squinting. Every detail of object penetrates into another, transforming the physical substance into color one. We see the generalized descriptions of forms. The pictorial image loses the exactness and bases on allusions and reticence. It is not necessary that spectator can see exactly what the artist points out in the name of the picture.


The rhythm of spots, coloristic combinations and pictorial noise are turned out to the specific artist’s game. Anastasia invites everybody to play this game. She offers to lead out the image from the frames of every picture with the scraps of color adhesive pellicle. The visitors can keep on artist’s conceptions or their own vision and feeling. Every spectator has a chance to become co-author, to supply the color mess with their own motives. The main idea of the exhibition is to transform whole space into indivisible art-object, filled with the color noise.


Anastasia Kuznetsova (born 1984) is the young St. Petersburg artist. She studied in Stieglitz Art and Industry Academy. Anastasia is the permanent member of Saint Petersburg Union of Artists. She works in traditional technics.

Inspired by Post-impressionism.




2011 ''Autumn 2011''. Exhibition Center of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists, Saint Petersburg

2011–2014 ''Youth of Saint Petersburg. Beginning''. Exhibition Center of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists, Saint Petersburg

2012 ''Saint Petersburg Arts Week''. Creative Union of Artists, Moscow

2013 ''New names''. Museum of Nonconformist Art "Pushkinskaya-10", St. Petersburg

2013 IX international festival ''Miniart''. "Art-Liga" gallery, St. Petersburg

2014 X international festival ''Miniart''. Novgorod contemporary art center, Veliky Novgorod

2015 XI international festival ''Miniart''. ''House on the Embankment'' gallery, Pskov

2015 ''Colourgraphy''. "Art-Liga" gallery, St. Petersburg

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Art-Center «Pushkinskaya-10»

Ligovsky pr., 53

+7 921 900 87 52

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