Recombining Memories


ALBERTO HARRES, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The artist works with different medias: digital and interactive art, installation, street art, graffiti, sculpture, poetry. Currently studies fine arts at the Escola de Belas-Artes UFRJ. Recently did an exchange program at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK), and after that had the opportunity of going to Russia. Spent two months between Moscow and St. Petersburg, living in many different homes and developing part of the work being presented now.






"This work in processing program technic proposes to create an experience of the feedback of memories during the time I spent in Russia. It is a live automatic visualization that recombines fragments of images and text, in a dream-like feedback experience. The text is automatically generated from a vocabulary of word from some sentences in Russian that I could write and fragments from diverse poetry that were going through my head at the time. It simulates an experience of being immersed in a language I didn't quite understand.

Special thanks to Mria Prosphora which took almost all pictures and helped with the text in Russian, and Elena Romenkova, who showed me around St. Petersburg and introduced me to people from the digital and experimental scene and made this collaboration with the lampa studio possible".



This project is a part of The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale. You can find all the information about the biennale and a photo report from the exhibition opening in THE WRONG section.

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